Companies need a nationwide operating partner for the outsourcing of professional building maintenance and construction work. Fortrus is an end-to-end supplier for the total management of a real estate portfolio. The services are divided into the divisions Fortrus Advies, Fortrus Realisatie and Fortrus Facilitair.

Fortrus Advies (Fortrus Research and Advice)

Fortrus Advies advises on the technical and facility management of buildings, construction and renovation, cost saving, long-term maintenance, the preservation of property, utilising partners and reviewing quotations. Advice in the areas of personnel, outsourcing, and the efficiency of the workload also often offers new insight. With our Multi-Year Maintenance System (MOS) you have control of the regular and preventive maintenance of your buildings and have a grip on costs.

If you need technical due diligence, we can also carry that out for you. With facts and figures at hand you will gain insight into the architectural and environmental and safety risks..

Fortrus Realisatie (Fortrus Operational Management)

Fortrus Realisatie oversees work carried out by external parties. We use our network of over 260 suppliers and can also utilise your own network. Fortrus’ Project Managers, Consultants and Property Managers ensure everything runs smoothly. They represent your interests in construction and renovation projects and carry out planned maintenance. We offer a 24/7/365 service for complaint handling and maintenance notifications. The service is available by telephone and online via NoClaims for repairs, minor maintenance and damage control.

Fortrus Facilitair (Fortrus Total Management)

Fortrus Facilitair is responsible for day-to-day building management. Small jobs and facility services such as cleaning, façade cleaning, garden maintenance and other building-related matters are covered by property management. If you sign up for Fortrus Facility, the role of technical and facility management can be realised for you. Complaints and maintenance messages are handled by our service desk. The service is available 24/7/365 by telephone or NoClaims online for repair, servicing and claims management.

Fortrus (Integrated Facility Management (IFM))
IFM is part of Fortrus Facility. It is a combination applications for facility services management. Fortrus works with you to create a vision for facility services and brings it into practice. The tasks are process-driven and executed by one team. Service management (caretaker), cleaning services, support services, property services, catering services and security services are all centrally coordinated. IFM is especially suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Integrated Facility Management with Facility1 is an initiative of Fortrus and VFM In collaboration with VFM jobs, Fortrus has developed the management application Facility1. The application provides a comprehensive solution which combines both soft and hard services.