We are delighted that our clients see us as a strategic partner with professional knowledge, openness, trust and personal contact. Extremely satisfied clients, that’s what keeps Fortrus going. We can tell you all about ourselves, but it’s better to let some of our clients tell you about their experience. Browse through some references.

‘We keep each other up-to-date’

‘Technical management is the basis of property management. If seemingly simple things like replacing light bulbs is not well regulated, tenants will complain and feel they are not taken seriously. Fortrus specializes in technical management and that suits us. We have been working with them since 1997 and are one their first customers. Fortrus currently handles the technical management of our 53 retail properties (120,000 m2.) in the Netherlands. The interesting thing is that we keep each other sharp. Independent audits on how Fortrus is performing are held regularly. These measure, for example, the condition of buildings and maintenance work carried out or on IT systems. The last IT audit resulted in professionalization of the licence agreements. So we have much clearer arrangements with regard to user and backup protocols, and about the intellectual property of the data about our buildings held on the Fortrus-servers. We have benefitted from that, but so has Fortrus.

Regarding property management as a strategic task: this is an important topic within Redevco. We distinguish between the obligations of tenants and us as owners. In retail property tenants are responsible for their own facilities, and we as owner for the shell of the building. For the latter, we rely entirely on Fortrus, both with respect to the optimum condition of our buildings, as well as tracking and identifying possible security risks.

Some things, such as certificates for sprinkler systems or fire alarm systems, are kept in our building files. Soon, however, we will be able to manage and track this in Fortrus’ new No-Claims system. That’s great progress since in NoClaims we will instantly have a complete overview of the major safety risks, the relevant certificates and expiration dates. Also, we hope to give Fortrus even more responsibility to proactively resolve technical issues or to speak to our tenants on our behalf.”

‘We can take advantage of the exceptional position of the buildings portfolio’

The Schiphol Real Estate property is located in an exceptional location. Our portfolio of approximately 575,000 m2 of office and logistics property (including the Hilton Hotel) is centred at one location where safety has a high priority. We self-manage our buildings; there is no separation of owner and manager. The day-to-day technical management has been outsourced to Fortrus. It is of primary importance that Fortrus’ core business is technical management; in other words, they’re a subject matter expert. That gives us confidence. We have been using Control-It for four years. Advantages of the way in which roles are divided is the standardization and the frequency in which checks are performed. That is transparent and we receive reports. We have a clear overview per building of the certificates needed in the areas of fire and environmental safety and occupational health and safety rules. Fortrus performs inspections at least four times a year. In addition, the annual risk assessments and analyses are performed by Schiphol Real Estate. The emergency response exercises (BHV, bedrijfshulpverlening) are performed annually.

Our own Schiphol fire brigade also carries out several inspections, on which we as the owner of the premises receive a report. There are always developments in the field of technical management for which we try to proactively find innovative solutions. So we may be placing too much emphasis on fire safety and could professionalize ourselves by focussing more on environmental policy. Beside this, various issues come to light from the various safety management systems used by Schiphol. These are very detailed and include things like electrical engineering, power, and safety in construction, etc.

Schiphol Real Estate benefits from the unique position of the location of our property portfolio, namely an airport. When the new Fortrus NoClaims system becomes operational, technical management can be done more professionally, will be better organized and less dependent on human intervention. Those are very good benefits.