Having complete control of the technical and facility management of your portfolio can lead to huge cost savings. Fortrus is the strategic partner for the management and maintenance of your properties. Fortrus is a market leader managing 6000 properties including office buildings, shopping malls, airports, logistics centres and 3500 homes. The total portfolio includes about five million square metres of real estate.

Fortrus provides effective property management following a one-stop-shop concept. You have complete control of long-term maintenance, calamities, periodic inspections, sustainability, certifications and administration at low cost.

About Fortrus

Anyone wanting total control of the management of their property portfolio and the advantages of a professional support organisation will find Fortrus to be an innovative and reliable partner. Fortrus has over 20 years’ experience in managing and maintaining real estate within a nationally distributed portfolio. A high degree of automation is characteristic of Fortrus’ way of working. The company constantly develops new solutions in order to meet the current needs. Unique property management concepts ensure effective management and cost reduction.

Fortrus recommends, implements and provides the tactical and/or operational management of your portfolio. Fortrus utilises its nationwide network of consultant for the execution of work. These companies are frequently tested for quality and performance. Your own suppliers could also be added to this network.

Fortrus’ Way of Life

In technical and facility management no two situations are the same. Fortrus analyses each situation and needs in detail and develops a tailored approach based on scales of efficiency. Work procedures are reduced to a minimum. There are no inefficient man hours and no bureaucracy or unnecessary paperwork. The management chain is kept as short as possible. Fewer error messages need to be handled by phone and there is more automation and online management. Fortrus’ Way of Life stands for maximum efficiency in property management.

Characteristics of Fortrus

  • Over 20 years’ experience in technical facility and property management
  • Enthusiastic team of skilled professionals
  • Modular products and services (customized)
  • Practical, transparent approach
  • High degree of automation (remote control)
  • Shortened management chain
  • Competitive pricing, transparent costs
  • Cost benefits through large purchasing volume
  • Sustainable services in accordance with NEN -EN-ISO 14001
  • Lowering Total Cost of Ownership

Our Team

The Fortrus team consists of approximately 35 enthusiastic professionals with a broad knowledge and practical but also customer-oriented perspective on the business. Architectural and installation engineers, NEN2767 Inspectors, EPA and EPA – U W-Advisors, BREEAM Experts, Facilities specialists, programmers and administrators are included in the team. All Fortrus employees are educated to college or university level and have extensive practical experience.

Clients throughout the Netherlands

Fortrus is an established name in the real estate world. A large number of well-known real estate owners, users and tenants, property managers, insurance companies and service organizations in the Netherlands have been using our products and services for the last 20 years.

Property Owners

As a property owner you want to decrease your direct involvement and reduce costs. You want an optimal price/quality ratio and an overview of the long-term maintenance plan in order to know which costs you can expect and when. Fortrus advises on policy development and provides online tools for management and maintenance. The NoClaims product gives you control of:

  • Daily management and (preventive) maintenance
  • Planning, management and monitoring of construction and renovation projects
  • Safety, compliance with laws and regulations
  • Facility services
  • Control room services
  • Sustainability of real estate portfolios
  • Revitalization, renovation and retrofitting of buildings
  • The cost of technical and facility maintenance, now and in the future

You’re an administrator, user or tenant

If you’re responsible for the daily management of a building or if you’re a tenant, you want problems and requests to be handled quickly, professionally and satisfactorily. With the online software product NoClaims you have a smart and effective monitoring tool. You have total control of:

  • Daily management and preventive maintenance
  • Complaints and malfunctions
  • Handling of tenants’ requirements
  • Facility services such as cleaning, façade cleaning and garden maintenance
  • Emergency room services
  • Safety, compliance with laws and regulations

Fortrus and sustainability

Fortrus views sustainability as integral to company policy, the service provided to clients and management of its own offices. Attention is paid to environmental issues, health and safety and energy consumption. Fortrus works in accordance with environmental management policy BS EN ISO 14001.

We anticipate new environmental laws and regulations; the environmental impact is measured and controlled. Fortrus adequately informs external partys about environmental policy and is committed to continuous efforts to improve the sustainability performance of clients. The focus is on:

  • Reducing waste
  • Minimising the use of raw materials and energy consumption
  • Limiting emissions of greenhouse gases released as part of our business processes
  • Reducing air, water and soil pollution while carrying out our work
  • Selecting suppliers with an environmental management system

If you have any questions about BREEAM (new and existing buildings) and EPA-U (residential and commercial buildings), our advisors will be happy to talk to you.

Fortrus is a member of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) and Nederlands Vastgoedexploitatie Platform (NeVaP) an innovative platform of early adaptors).